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Taekwondo – a Korean martial arts discipline with a 5,000 year history. It now has evolved not only as an ancient way of using the foot/leg and hand/fist to defend one’s self but as an Olympic sport since 2000 Sydney, Australia Olympics.

Heart and Soul of Teaching Taekwondo

Taekwondo has been a part of Master Kim and Master Byun’s lives having been born as South Korean nationals. From a very young age, they started learning the art from the Masters.  Even when life led them to different countries i.e. Australia and Canada, Taekwondo remained the one constant connection to their heritage.  Taekwondo is part of who they are.  Their love for the art has carried them through years of training and teaching and has instilled in them the fire and passion to pass the art along.


What It Means to Teach Taekwondo

Teaching the art not only focuses on the basic skills of kicking, punching, blocking, patterns and self-defence but more importantly, the values that are inherent with the practice such as respect, courtesy, discipline, perseverance, indomitable spirit, etc.    Not everyone is endowed with athleticism and people learn the art with differing goals in mind.  However, through proper teaching you will be guided to achieve a better version of yourself and closer to your goal (whether it be for fitness, discipline or achieving black belt).


The ultimate goal of Taekwondo does not stop with achieving black belt status.  In fact, this is when the real learning begins.  You learn to give yourself back to the art and to the community through a multitude of ways such as by simply being a good person; by teaching the art to others; and through promotion of the sport amongst others.


In an age where technology and resources are in abundance, life has been simplified for most.  Things come rather easily for the new generation.  TMA teaches that there are no short cuts to the art and life in general.  It will take discipline and practice to achieve results.  As such, not everyone will achieve black belt status simply because of time and commitment.  Nonetheless, the benefits of health, fitness, and discipline that have been instilled within you will carry you through the years ahead.



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