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About TMA

Danny Min-Ho Kim
Master Instructor - 6th Dan


  • 35+ years of TKD training experience in South Korea and Sydney, Australia

  • TKD teaching experience spans over 20 years in Australia and Canada

  • Cross-trained in Aikido, Judo, Kyokushin Karate and Hapkido

  • Executive Committee Member - Korean Taekwondo Association of Australia for 8 years

  • Competition Organizing Committee Member - Taekwondo Australia Inc. NSW for 3 years

  • Certified International TKD Referee at the 1996 Asian Games in Melbourne, Australia

  • Member of Australian Army for 5 years

Bruce Ki Bum Byun

Master Instructor - 5th Dan
  • 24 years of TKD training experience in South Korea and Canada

  • TKD teaching experience spans 10 years in South Korea and Canada

  • Cross-trained in boxing, Judo and Kendo

  • Managed another martial arts school for 4 years

  • 2006-2008  - South Korean mandatory military service.  He served both as a soldier and a Taekwondo trainer for new military recruits.

Passion is what sets us apart from the others:  passion to teach the art of Taekwondo and instil the values of respect, focus, discipline, perseverance , resilience, honesty, integrity and leadership (amongst others) in each and every student that comes to TMA; passion to strengthen and promote the sport and passion to make a difference in the community.
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